competitors invest in fusing THE SPINE, stopping motion.
we invest in restoring normal motion


We are the only private investment firm focused in spine surgery as a niche market with a proven track record since 2005.

Currently, fusion dominates the spine market but we believe motion preservation (disc replacement and posterior dynamic stabilization) will become the largest spine market segment with the highest valuation. Disc replacement is estimated to exceed USD 4.5 billion by 2024. We have the most differentiated motion preservation portfolio of technologies in spine that will give us over 10-year market leadership with FDA clearance.



Provide investors with recurring returns by investing in improving healthcare.


Develop innovative technologies, improve physician-patient services, and provide digital platforms for global access to affordable healthcare.

Investment Strategy

  • Grow and Buy complementary healthcare companies

  • Re-invest revenues and capital to execute long-term growth strategies

  • Target exit return of 5x within 3-5 years

KICVentures has many onlys

  • The only Investment Firm focused in Spine Surgery

  • The only Investment Firm founded by a Spine Surgeon

  • The only Investment Firm built without Institutional Capital ($40M raised and $250M revenues since 2005)

  • The only Viscoelastic Disc Replacement 3x stronger than the human disc tested to last over 50 years

  • The only company seeking FDA clearance on a lateral lumbar disc replacement

  • The only company seeking FDA clearance on a 3-level cervical disc replacement

  • The only company seeking FDA clearance for a cervical disc replacement adjacent to fusion

  • The only company with its own disc replacement manufacturing facility

  • The only FDA-cleared biologically enhanced synthetic therapeutic (B.E.S.T.) combination of Bioactive Glass and DBM

  • The only company developing pedicle-screw based – minimally invasive posterior dynamic stabilization

  • The only percutaneous pedicle screw system with a patented ‘pull-push’ rod insertion technique for scoliosis

  • The only 100% percutaneous direct posterior Sacro-iliac screw fixation system


Medical Device Focus


Disc Replacement



facet replacement


Posterior Dynamic Stabilization


sacroiliac joint fixation


Interspinous fixation




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Founder | Managing partner | CEO

  • Born in Jamaica. Titchfield High School.

  • Board Certified Orthopedic Spine Surgeon.

  • Columbia College, Columbia Engineering, Harvard Medical School (honors).

  • Former University of Pennsylvania Chief Orthopedic Spine Surgeon.

  • Business experience at AT&T Bell Labs and Arthur Andersen (Accenture) Management Consulting (Goldman Sachs and Cigna Insurance).

As a doctorpreneur, he brings over 30 years of executive leadership experience overlapping at the intersection of healthcare investments, entrepreneurship, information systems, business operations and academics.

Dr. Chin is an inspiring example of a successful leader with a high Adversity Quotient (AQ), overcoming extreme poverty in Jamaica to immigrate to the US paying his way to graduate from the best Ivy-league schools.  While a busy orthopedic resident at Harvard Medical School, he put a team together to convert rent-controlled properties into condominiums which made him a multi-millionaire real estate developer with over $5M in properties in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It’s individual accomplishments like these that have become a recurrent theme for him and impacted his belief that good companies become great when they have a winning quarterback. He therefore invests in continuous personal leadership development and finds ways to be uniquely competitive like being the only CEO who:

  • Works directly with the medical devices in surgery being he is a surgeon

  • Works directly with surgeon colleagues and engineers to develop and improve the devices

  • Works directly with all healthcare stakeholders and patients to understand the market at every level

This hands on and unique 360-degree experience is a game-changing advantage in healthcare for making investment decisions, measuring the results and having the ability to nimbly make adjustments.
Review his CV here

Dr. Chin is the author of the following books:




Co-Founder | managing partner | CFO

Aditya Humad grew up in India and the Middle East. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania at the Wharton School of Business and the School of Engineering where he met Dr. Kingsley R. Chin in 2003. His business experience started with J.P.Morgan on Wall Street in New York as a healthcare investment analyst where he focused on healthcare M&A, capital raise and restructuring transactions before joining KICVentures in 2009. He has closed multiple M&A deals for KICVentures, most recently AxioMed and NanoFUSE Biologics. He brought focused financial oversight in raising over $30M in equity and debt capital for KICVentures. Review his CV here



Ken Yamada

Chief Business Development Officer

  • 20+ years’ experience covering global medical markets

  • Formerly General Manager and Representative Director of Japan, Senior International Regional Manager of Asia Pacific for Arthrex, global leader in arthroscopy medical devices

  • Graduated from the University of Colorado Denver with an MBA in Finance and Master of Health Service Administration

Ken Yamada is Chief Business Development Officer for KICVentures, serving as a senior executive in a highly-regulated medical device (Orthopedics/Neurosurgery/Spine/Biologics/General Surgery) business covering global markets. He brings solid business practice ranging from strategic planning to tactical and operational execution. He has led the development-end of managing multi-million-dollar global businesses and operations. In addition, he has expertise in identifying markets and developing sales. He has opened new emerging markets, most recently in South East Asia in just 14 months. He has also had success in achieving sales targets by growing Asia over 30% and Latin America by 29%. Ken has developed distribution channels to support sales growth and market expansion and entry. He accomplishes his business objectives by building effective teams and customer advocates. Ken has an MBA and a Master of Science in Health Administration.  He has dual citizenship in the U.S. and Canada and is a permanent resident of Singapore, and speaks both Japanese and English. Review his CV here



Jake Lubinski

Product Acquisition & Commercialization

  • 10+ years’ healthcare experience in operations, orthopedics product management, assembly line manufacturing process efficiency, and disc replacement

  • President of NanoFUSE Biologics

  • Formerly President of AxioMed and Chief Operating Officer of SpineFrontier, directed the acquisition & turnaround of AxioMed

  • M.S. in Mechanical Engineering with concentration in Biomechanics & Spine




Investor Relations Associate

Sheng Ding grew up in China in a family focused on the healthcare industry. He graduated from the University of Miami with a bachelor’s degree in finance and then pursued a master’s degree in Finance from Brandeis University. Before joining KICVentures, he was the co-founder and investment manager of Greatwall Capital Partners, where he raised a fund to focus on healthcare, education and high-tech investments in the US. He joined KICVentures in 2019 and is leading investor relations, outreach and analyzing investment opportunities. He is fluent in English and Mandarin.





We see consolidation and market expansion in medical devices and our spine niche for the next 5 years as companies innovate to satisfy the demand from a growing aging population. Large players will respond to growth pressures and to competition from new innovations particularly in the areas of motion preservation and biologics through consolidation as evidenced by multiple recent acquisitions. This creates a favorable private equity platform for companies like us to capitalize on growth and buyout opportunities with near term exits.

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